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Poking at the bacon in the frying pan with a spatula, you hummed along to the radio that was on the kitchen island, jigging your hips a little to the beat. That was, a pair of olive skinned arms curved around your waist, tugging you backwards slightly into the embrace of your boyfriend Matt. His…

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Imagine being Matt’s girlfriend and while he’s in New Jersey for Magcon, you’re at home super bored. You’re missing him pretty badly, almost in tears since he hasn’t called or texted all day. Long distance relationships were never your thing and you were having a hard time to begin with because of the fact that your relationship was lowkey, and only a few of the magcon guys knew about it. You both decided to keep it a secret for now because you and Matt both knew that if the fans found out, you’d get a lot of hate and Matt didn’t want you to go through all that stress. But it was hard being online, seeing all the pictures with his fans. And right when you were having doubts about the relationship, he surprises you with this message. 💕